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  • A drawing of a dog with the words Adopt 5 reasons rescue dogs rule.5 Reasons Rescue Dogs Rule
    “Best friends come in all breeds.” – Author Unknown Adopt Don’t Shop! Throughout the years I have worked with a number of humane societies. The roles I’ve filled have included a volunteer, a member of the board of directors, and a paid position as a fundraising coordinator. I love all animals, but am a true bleeding heart when it comes to those who are living in a […]
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for You!
    Buy A Gorgeous Piece of Jewelry for Someone You Love – You! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to assure you receive a thoughtful gift you will love than to purchase it for yourself? I selected pieces of jewelry from Modern Artisans that include hearts–what a concept for Valentine’s Day, right? Modern Artisans offers an amazing variety of pieces […]
  • Pet Accessories for Valentine’s Day
    Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Fur Baby Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. If you are like me you still have Christmas decor to pack away. But you don’t want your pet to be caught in their Christmas attire once Valentine’s Day rolls around. You don’t want that to happen! Here are some great ideas to get your fur baby ready for Valentine’s Day. […]
  • Dog Quotes: Reflections on Canine Companions
        Pawsome Quotes About Dogs No words can truly capture the unconditional love, pure soul, or absolute devotion of a dog. Dogs are easy to understand–they love and want to be loved. The connection we have with our dogs is so uncomplicated, making it refreshing compared to other relationships. I have put together my favorite dog quotes with adorable, touching, and inspiring photos […]
  • A picture of a Siamese cat with the words Cats a collection of quotes about our feline friendsCats: A Collection of Quotes
      Cats, Cats, Everywhere Cats This is the main line to the first song my daughter Kyleigh learned to play when taking piano lessons at the age of eight. It is a song I will never get out of my head. But that’s okay, as I love cats! The following are purrfect cat quotes and images I created to share with the many cat lovers I know are out there.             […]
  • Travel is good for your heart and soul with a picture of 4 old suitcasesTravel: The Holistic Health Benefits of Getting Away
    Adventure Supports Your Body, Mind & Soul! What if I told you travel is ideal for your holistic health? If you are like me, you really don’t need any reason other than your love to explore and desire for adventure to book your next plane ticket. The wellness aspect is just an added benefit.     Relaxing and having fun is obviously good for all of us. Travel exposes us to new […]

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Our Lives Outside of Boom2Bloom Sandra Watson Janet Olson I am an artist, holistic healer, teacher, animal activist, blogger, and proud mother of two grown children, two dogs and four cats. Having worked as a licensed counselor and teacher for

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Why We Started Boom2Bloom

Forty-five years ago, we were two school girls embarking on the journey of 5th grade at a small, rural grade school in central Wisconsin.  We met on the playground, and immediately became best friends. This friendship has survived, even though

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