Boom2Bloom’s Mission

Connection is one of the most powerful human needs there is. It has been since the beginning of time. We all want a sense of belonging to something, a feeling of community. Healthy relationships offer us connection, security, and purpose....

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Behind the Scenes

Two women in cowgirl hats with the words Why We Started Boom2Bloom

Why We Started Boom2Bloom

Forty-five years ago, we were two school girls embarking on the journey of 5th grade at a small, rural grade school in central Wisconsin.  We met on the playground, and immediately became best friends. Fast-forward to 2017. After many insightful

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About us with pictures of Sandra and Janet

About Us

Our Bios: A Bit of Information on Our Lives Outside of Boom2Bloom Sandra Watson Executive Editor, Graphic Artist & Co-Owner Janet Olson Procurement Manager, Multimedia Design & Co-Owner I am an artist, holistic healer, teacher, animal activist, blogger, and proud

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Friends Across the Miles

Friendship Across the Miles

What does our friendship mean to us?   Janet’s Perspective  Write a description of what our friendship means to me? To keep this to one or two paragraphs will be extremely tough! Our friendship has spanned over almost our entire

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Words: Creating Empowerment and Community
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