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I am an artist, holistic healer, teacher, animal activist, blogger, and proud mother of two grown children, two dogs and four cats. Having worked as a licensed counselor and teacher for many years, it is time for a change. Over the past several years I have felt a calling to help others at a more global level, and in a way that allows me to use my creativity and  have more fun! Being an entrepreneur has always interested me, whether it was selling lemonade at a stand in front of my childhood home, or creating crafts to sell at the local fair. I became passionate about blogging on midlife when I realized how difficult it is to find relatable material available on this topic. My hope is you will find something here at Boom2Bloom that inspires you, offers needed comfort, makes you laugh, or nourishes your soul. Contact me with your ideas!

Hello to all our readers! For the past twenty four years I have been a dental hygienist. I enjoy spending time with my four children and two gorgeous grandchildren, who I wish lived closer to me in Arizona! My hobbies include photography, painting, travel, cooking and baking, and nail art. Last year I trained for, and completed, both a half and a full marathon. Through Boom2Bloom I hope to share interesting experiences and some inspiration and humor from what I have learned along the way. I also want to share the fun Sandra and I have together, to help you get to know us, bring a smile to your face, and even add laughter to your life. The world needs more joy! Please check back often to see the videos I plan to post on two of my favorite things-travel and cooking!

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