Join Our Tribe for Authentic Connection

Join Our Tribe for Authentic Connection

We Invite You to Connect with Boom Tribe


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The Need


One of the most powerful human needs is connection. We all want a sense of belonging to something–a feeling of community.  Healthy relationships offer us like-minded people to spend time with and discuss the ebb and flow of life with.

Through the practice of opening our hearts, sharing, and connecting we can develop a deep sense of belonging. The most important aspect of a healthy tribe is your ability to retain your individuality and authenticity within the group experience.

According to researcher Brené Brown, the opposite of belonging is fitting in. If you have traded your true self to be a part of something in order to feel connected, you need to find a new group.

I love the quote by the late, great Maya Angelou “You only are free when you realize you belong no place – you belong everyplace – you belong no place. The price is high. The reward is great.” I believe we must be okay to walk alone, to savor our beliefs and values at all cost, in order to find true connection and develop healthy relationships. 


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The Solution


According to Seth Godin, blogger and influencer “It’s tribes that can change the world.”  Creating the life you want through the connections you make offers camaraderie and support along your journey. Through these relationships we have the ability to grow and expand our world, even to make a difference in the lives of others. 


So what do we do?


I propose we start our own connection movement–a tribe of midlifers–a Boom Tribe. I ask you to join us and help us grow a community based in joy, courage, and inclusion. My hope is you can find what you need here!


Please share your thoughts on the need for connection either personally or globally. Also, what do you need from a tribe?


Peace & Love, Sandra


Watch Brené Brown discuss her latest book Braving the Wilderness.


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