Strong Women: A Collection of Empowering Quotes

Strong Women: A Collection of Empowering Quotes

I love inspirational quotes–doesn’t everybody? I have them printed off and hanging all over my house, especially ones that inspire me to stay the strong woman I am.

The right message can provide the motivation we need to keep going when life becomes overwhelming. Using Canva, I created designs with quotes that have the ability to inspire, empower, motivate, and heal. Here are some of my favorites about strong women by strong women.  


A Strong Woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink quote


This one has become the Boom2Bloom mantra!


Quote she had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, the spirit of a fairy.



a woman holding a parasol with the quote Well Behaved Women Rarely make history


These two images were made with photos of my late grandmother, Zelda Watson. She lived to the ripe old age of 98 and still had her wits about her. In this art, I included two of the quotes that started this obsession of mine!


a black and white photo of a young woman and the quote I've got my own back.


Quote my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some comappsion, some humor, and some style. Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou (1928-2014) was an American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry. This amazing woman lives on through her spoken and written word.


girl with a red balloon and the quote You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.



Fire and strong women seem to go hand-in-hand!


The quote: Watch me. I will go to my own sun, and if I am burned by its fire, I will fly on scorched wings



Quote be fearless in your pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.



Don't be afraid to walk alone. Don't be afraid to like it. John Muir


Many strong women walk their path solo.


a flower wreath surrounding the quote She believed she could so she did


Even in the simplest form words are powerful!


The quote the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself.


Be true to your heart and soul–be true to your Self!


The quote: Here's to strong women; may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them on a purple and blue background.


Raising strong and independent daughters is our responsibility as mothers and fathers.


The quote: Dane like the maiden. Laugh like the mother. Think like the crone. on a gold background.


My spirituality is based in the nature traditions. Therefore, the triple goddess archetype of the maiden, mother and crone resonates with me. This also corresponds with the three phases of the moon–waxing for the maiden, full for the mother, and waning for the crone. Each represents the major phases in a woman’s life.


The quote: Destined to be an old woman with no regrets on a pink and purple background.


This one is so me. It’s taken me many years to realize how sad and lonely it is to always try to fit in.  Being true to yourself, both the imperfections and the strengths, leads to peace. I am now much more liberated and happy due to owning my uniqueness!


Picture of a sun with the quote There's a tiny piece of the sun inside her, and if you can't see it, then you've never really looked into her eyes.




Quote You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha



The quote: A wise woman once said fuck this shit and she lived happily ever after on parchment paper.


And finally, let’s get real! I couldn’t find the author to give credit to for this one, unfortunately.


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Do you have a favorite quote that keeps you inspired or has a special meaning? Please share it in the comments below!

Peace & Love, Sandra

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Coming Face to Face with Vulnerability

Coming Face to Face with Vulnerability

Heart in a cage.


“Vulnerability is at the core, the center, of meaningful human experiences.”

-Brené Brown

Learning to be vulnerable is a pretty big undertaking, but it’s also a necessary step in the direction of healthy relationships. Self-care has become a priority for me, and having connections with people I can count on is a huge part of taking care of myself. In midlife, I find myself reflecting on the past to develop an understanding of what to tweak for creating a healthier, happier future.

One big area needing improvement is my love life. Brené Brown, a vulnerability researcher, has become my mentor, although she is unaware of this. She speaks about allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in order to truly be able to connect with others.
According to the Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary, the definition of vulnerable is:
1:capable of being physically or emotionally wounded
2:open to attack or damage :assailable 
Sounds a bit dangerous and scary, this thing called vulnerability. No wonder I’ve been dodging the dating scene.

 Trust is a difficult thing for me. Hurt and disappointment in my love life have left me with a fear of vulnerability. Over time a protective wall has gone up–one that I built to avoid emotional pain. My focus now is on taking it down. The isolation chamber I constructed over the years has become a damn lonely place!

A dog hiding.

Connection, according to Brené, gives our lives purpose and meaning. She even goes so far as to say connection is the reason we are all here. 

In order for us to allow for connection, we must first feel worthy. There in lies the problem. As a therapist, this is the number one issue I see in 99% of my clients–I am not good enough is a common thread that weaves through our society.  

If we’re raised to feel worthy, we have a strong sense of love and belonging. Unfortunately, this is not a reality for many people. I believe this is one of the core issues that ails our society. Lack of self-worth leads to fear, shame, and a struggle for connection. 



How do most of us cope with these terrible feelings? By numbing out the pain. Because if we are numb, we can no longer feel afraid, disappointed, sad, or unloved. Avoidance allows us to not have to address the deep shit mucking up our core. 

We become addicted to one or two, maybe even more, of the many available substances or activities that numb. Maybe its alcohol or drugs, shopping, sex, gambling or eating.  Or, how about perfectionism? Whatever it looks like, our goal is to stop the pain.

Blaming others is one way to discharge the discomfort we experience. When we don’t own our own stuff we avoid taking responsibility, and also creating our own destiny. 

Of course, this  avoidance of responsibility and numbing the pain also keeps us from feeling the good stuff, like joy, belonging, creativity, and love. We may feel a glimmer of these, desperately seeking out love, but it’s not possible to truly feel it when we are numb. 


Two dogs side by side but not facing each other.


So, how do we un-numb ourselves?

To embrace vulnerability, courage is needed. We must be able to tell our story, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly parts of it, with our whole heart. To trust it will be okay. Taking off the mask and exposing our true selves, imperfections and all–what a scary concept!

Compassion is another aspect of vulnerability. This begins with being kind to ourselves. We cannot experience true empathy for another if we don’t first have the ability to show compassion to ourselves. Once we love ourselves unconditionally, we are able to be there for others in a healthy way.

Brené emphasizes the hardest part of vulnerability is connection, because this requires authenticity–to be who you are versus who you think you should be. Letting go of all of the messages from the past that have been internalized and created the mindset I am not good enough the way I am.

What if I told you what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful? Try incorporating this message into your mindset. This is a process that takes time and lots of affirmations. I have 54 years of vulnerability avoidance to overcome. Patience, not one of my strengths, is a necessity here.


Two dogs laying down facing each other with paws intertwined.


Yes, this is all personal.

After ten, yes, ten, years of cutting myself off from the dating scene, I now realize I don’t want to become an isolated cat lady. The cat lady part is fine and lovely, but isolated is a sad word if you ask me. It doesn’t go well with happy, healthy and loved.

Dating makes me feel terribly vulnerable. The thought of investing in a relationship that may or may not work out is frightening. To say I love you before the other person does? I will have to think about that one!

I encourage you to be authentic. Embrace your imperfections, we all have them. This is what makes us unique human beings. Allow yourself to love with your whole heart, while knowing this leaves you vulnerable. Be kind to yourself, be joyful and grateful. Explore creativity, whether it’s painting, writing, singing, cooking, or gardening.  Say to yourself often I am enough.

Watching Brené Brown speak has made an impact on me. I am not alone; her 20 minute TED Talks video on the Power of Vulnerability is incredible, and has had 31,232,145 views. 

I encourage you to take the time to watch this, I promise it is worth your time.

Brené Brown TED Talk


“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.

Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they are never weakness.”

-Brené Brown


Read our post  Midlife Dating: What Really Matters.


What is your personal experience with vulnerability? Please share in the comments below!

Till next time, Sandra


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Learn Easy Midlife Mindfulness Techniques

Learn Easy Midlife Mindfulness Techniques

Woman with her arms raised to the heavens


10 Intentional Ways to Start Improving Your Life Today


Mindfulness has become quite popular in the areas of self-awareness and self-help. Living in the moment–with greater intention for the present–is not just a great philosophy. Mindfulness is good for your health having been proven to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, among other things.  


  1. Gratitude

Being grateful for what you already have in your life. Start a gratitude journal, and write down the blessings from each day before you fall asleep. Make a gratitude list to post on the fridge as a reminder for those moments when you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.


Woman doing yoga pose on a beach at sunrise


  1. Yogic Breath

Our breath impacts our emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. The wonderful thing about mindful breathing is it’s available to use everywhere. Utilize yogic breath when you are sitting at the stop sign and are late for work, or in the waiting room at an over-booked doctor’s office, for example. Please see our Free Resources tab, under the heading Self, for a free downloadable handout on yogic breath.


  1. Self-Nurture

Self-Care is the foundation of all that we are and do. Mindful self-care is often a foreign concept to most. It’s critical to take care of yourself in order to fulfill all the roles that you take on in life. The analogy of the flight attendant telling passengers to put on their own oxygen mask before attempting to help others is a good one. You will become exhausted, angry, depressed and burnt out if you don’t practice self-care.


A wooden path into a forest mindfulness


  1. Be in Nature

The peace we can experience when we are still in nature is beyond comparison.


Mindfully using all of our senses makes the most of our time in nature. The best mindfulness practice is to pay attention to what we smell, see, hear, etc. wherever we are. And nature provides our senses with a wide array of soothing stimuli. As the great writer Frank Lloyd Wright advised “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”


  1. Letting Go

Once we learn to go with the flow, to ride the wave, to relax the need to control the outcome, we are on the path to mindfulness. Letting go is not about no longer caring about how you live your life. It is about trusting the universe to provide you with the right outcome. Make your mantra I will let go and just flow.




  1. Visualize

Creative visualization is the art of using mental imagery and affirmation to generate changes in your life. It is a powerful technique to manifest our desires. Studies have found visualizing the results you desire improves performance in areas including sports, public speaking, and attaining life goals.



  1. Learn to Receive

Vulnerability is difficult for most of us. We receive the message be strong from parents and role models, it’s everywhere we look. However, we must change our perspective on vulnerability–it is not a sign of weakness. Really, it is being brave enough to ask for what we need, and willing to receive with an open heart and mind.


sunset over a lake


  1. Clear the Clutter

Clearing the physical clutter in your environment not only impacts your space, but also your emotional well-being. When you have a cluttered home or office, it is tough to relax and be productive. Try getting rid of stuff you don’t need first, and then get organized with the remaining items.


  1. Pay it Forward

Kindness is the current buzzword; the message to practice kindness is everywhere. Kindness in its simplest form is defined as being considerate or helpful. Holding the door for someone, smiling at a stranger, or phoning someone you know is struggling are all simple, yet significant acts of kindness. It doesn’t need to cost you a penny, but might just be the one connection that helps another person make it through their day.


person walking on the beach at sunset


  1. Discover Bliss

Only you can determine what feeds your soul, provides you with joy, and motivates you toward change. Have you always wanted to take an art class or learn to downhill ski? Follow your career dream of becoming a designer? Do you want to travel more? Become an advocate for homeless animals? We all need something that we are passionate about. If you aren’t sure, start an intentional search for what is missing in your life.


Living your life mindfully takes practice and persistence. Midlife is the perfect time to make changes to improve your life. And if you are like me and have monkey brain, it takes a bit more effort. Be patient with yourself as you practice this state of being present; it often goes against how we have lived for a long time. Mindfulness is well worth the effort, leading you toward connecting to your true self, and living an intentional life.


“In today’s rush we all think too much—seek too much—want too much

and forget about the joy of just being.” ~ Eckhart Tolle


Till next time, Sandra


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Dream Interpretation 101: Dream Recall

Dream Interpretation 101: Dream Recall


man on a boat in the outer space with colorful cloud,illustration


Analyzing Your Dreams


I find dream analysis fascinating. We can learn a great deal about ourselves, receive guidance, and even heal by remembering and interpreting our dreams.

The dream state can offer us great insight into subliminal information. I believe the subconscious can offer meaning and guidance if we merely ask to be given clues while we sleep,and pay attention to the symbols presented in our dream. Answers will be provided if we allow our internal, suppressed knowing to come into awareness.

The most important tool for dream interpretation is a dream journal. Always keep a dream journal and pen next to your bed. Upon awakening, remain in bed with your eyes shut. Let your mind wander back over the dreams you had during the night. You will probably remember a tiny piece of it. Open your eyes and write it down.  Focus on that bit of information, allowing more details to come into your conscious mind. Write down bits of the dream as they appear. Keep adding information, including people, places, things, colors, and feelings.  


Man standing at the front of a boat with a lantern in the dark


What a certain item or event from the dream means to you can be discovered by allowing yourself to drift back to that moment in the dream. Focus on the feeling it created within you. Try to remember with your senses. What did you see, hear, smell, feel or taste in the dream? What objects or colors stand out?



Follow that feeling, stay focused on it, and see if you can connect any more memories or details to it. Does the dream occur in a familiar setting? Are there people you know present? It can come as flash of an image or a scene in your mind’s eye. Even if it doesn’t seem related, it may be in an abstract way. Think about the possibilities, all the different meanings that could be attached to an item or event. Only you can determine the true meaning.



Not all dreams are meant to provide deep insight. Dreams can also be quite literal. If you watched a scary movie or reasons to be fearful came up during your day, this can show up in a dream as ‘day residue’. So don’t freak out when you have horrendous nightmares after watching Nightmare on Elm Street. Try bringing movies, music, and books into your world with a little more depth and joy!



One example of archetypal meaning in dreams is that of running away or falling. Either of these may symbolize a need to get your life in order or make changes. Think about what may really be behind the feeling of fear that showed up in your dream.  What aspect of your life needs to change?

Sit with that feeling and allow it to evolve. Continue to journal about additional details or feelings that come to mind over time. On the surface it may seem to be minor or irrelevant, but don’t allow that thought to keep you from recording the information.

Creating art about your dream is another tool for recall and interpretation. Read our article on Intuitive Art

The time and effort you put into recalling and processing your dreams may eventually bring an epiphany, resulting in insight, direction and growth!


The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest

and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens

to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before

there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond

what a conscious ego could ever reach.”

~ Carl Jung


I think all of us can recall at least one interesting dream we’ve had. Perhaps you had a dream that offered you insight? Possibly one you are still trying to decipher? How about recurring dreams? Or maybe one that made you think I am never sharing that with anyone! But please do–share in the comments below!


Till next time–Sandra



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Basic Astrology: Understanding Your Personal Universe

Basic Astrology: Understanding Your Personal Universe

“Man is a Universe within himself.” – Bob Marley

The Universe Within

Astrology has fascinated me for many years; as a teenager, I pored over Linda Goodman’s book Sun Signs. Written in 1968 this was the first book on astrology included on the New York Times Best Seller list.

I struggled with self-confidence and depression as a child, desperately wanting to find myself and be okay with me. I began studying astrology to hopefully develop a better understanding of my personal makeup in order to find some part of me to love. This has helped me develop acceptance and honor my individuality.

Over the years I have learned a bit more about astrology–often completing charts on for friends and clients to help them learn about themselves. This has guided them on their own journey here on earth.

The following information is from a handout I developed to help others interpret their chart for the first time. Astrology is quite complex and amazingly accurate in its purest form.


sunset over a lake


Sun Sign

Your Sun Sign is your main influence. Your Sun Sign is determined based on which astrological sign the Sun was traveling through at the time of your birth. The Sun is in each sign for approximately 30 days each year. Your Sun Sign determines how others see you.  It governs your individuality, your distinctive style, & your drive to fulfill your goals in life.


Rising (Ascending) Sign

Your Ascending/Rising (these words are interchangeable) sign is the astrological sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Many astrologers, particularly the earliest ones, believe your Ascendant is just as influential as your Sun Sign & possibly even more important. Your Rising Sign determines your outward personality–your image that you project. It determines your self-sufficiency, self-determination & your self-interest. It signifies your goals, aims, & objectives & indicates the main thrust of your creative powers.

Your Sun Sign + Rising Sign = your unique impact on the world.


Moon Sign

Your Moon Sign reflects your more hidden aspects. Others may sense your Moon traits but do not see them outwardly. The Moon influences our emotions, instincts, and the unconscious. It is your inner core. Your Moon Sign regulates how you express joy and spontaneity, pursue pleasures & dreams, & how you react to emotional stimuli. It also determines states of jealousy, brooding, & fear.

Your Moon Sign influences your receptivity to others & how others feel about you. It has a strong influence on love relationships.



There are 12 Houses in Astrology – each describes a separate category of life situations & experiences.  The planets were located in a certain house at the moment of your birth. Each House represents a separate area & specific function of your life. Any house that has one or more planets in it is strengthened by their presence in specific ways dependent upon which planet is in that house.


The 12 Houses:

  • First – Self: your mannerisms, disposition, temperament & style
  • Second – Money & Possessions: what you will acquire & lose
  • Third – Communications: Self-expression/ family ties/ day-to-day travel
  • Fourth – Home: Home life past, present & future
  • Fifth – Creativity & Sex: Everything you do for pleasure & to express yourself creatively (the arts as well as pregnancy/children).
  • Sixth – Services & Health: Your need to help others & be useful in the world.
  • Seventh – Marriage & Partnership: Your mate/partnerships in marriage & business/divorce, & remarriage
  • Eighth – Death & Regeneration: Spiritual transformation/birth, life, & death & the afterlife/surgery/psychic powers
  • Ninth – Mental Exploration & Long-Distance Travel: higher education/exploration for depth & meaning/ foreign travel & business in foreign lands
  • Tenth – Career: Ambition, aspiration, & attainment/ standing in the community/outward expression of your talents
  • Eleventh – Hopes & Wishes, Friends: Long term dreams & goals/ Intellectual pleasures/ friends & acquaintances who serve your aspirations
  • Twelfth – Self-undoing; Spiritual Reward & Debt: Defines the limitations placed on your life/ The House of Karma – contains the rewards & punishments for the deeds one commits in the world. Psychic powers & meaning of life are associated with this house.


North Node

This is a point on your astrological chart that focuses on self-assessment and growth. The North Node is about introspection and self-improvement. Understanding your North Node helps you become aware of positive qualities you possess & should expand on, gifts to use, your life purpose, areas needing change, and skills to be mastered. Karma from past lives is addressed here.


Check out my article on Dream Recall for inner guidance.

Astrology is fascinating and deeply rooted in history. Some suggest this study of the universal impact on people and events goes back to Babylonian times. Rooted in our existence–there’s a reason for its continued following.

Learn more at

Let me know what you find out about yourself or please share any insight you have on the topic of astrology in the comments below!

Peace & Love, Sandra


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Art is My Passion

Art is My Passion

Holistic Healing Through Art

Creativity in any form is therapeutic. Painting, writing, and music are only a few of the creative endeavors that help people heal. I discovered this in my personal journey– and it’s validated in my work as a counselor.

My purpose for years has been to guide others to heal in a therapeutic setting. The creative process can help people heal. I’ve seen it happen and there is research to support the effectiveness of creative therapies of all types.

Drawing and painting are the art forms I use in my practice simply because this is what I know. Being an art therapist comes naturally to me due to my life-long love of creativity. 

People are often hesitant to try art therapy due to fear of a lack of talent. I help them learn a few basic techniques and their confidence grows.  Now they can use creativity for inner exploration, acceptance, healing, and growth. 

Each of us has our own inherent healing power. Any creative endeavor  working with an individual, I guide them to discover their personal insights, strengths, and power. I believe this is a process that would happen naturally on its own even if I wasn’t involved. 

Shit Happens

Many of us have a history of pain and trauma. The majority of us never received the help we needed to process these experiences and heal. Our ability to move forward and create a healthy and joyful future requires letting go of the past and moving toward recovery.  

By midlife we may have built up many protective layers to insulate ourselves from feeling emotional pain. Peeling back the layers of hurt is not easy. Yet moving through the healing process will expose our soul as a blank canvas open to new “paint” and transformation.  



Yes, I speak from experience.

Using art therapy to help clients transpired from my healing experience. Art became the tool for my treatment of unhealthy patterns and mental health issues.

During my teenage and early adult years I lived to create art. Being an adult changed this, however, due to difficult circumstances that transpired from an unhealthy marriage. The relationship was abusive and led to a divorce.  As a single parent I lived in poverty while I returned to school with a two-year-old to care for.

Losing touch with our creative selves often happens due to our adult choices and responsibilities. I developed anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Each day was a struggle just to do what absolutely had to be done, go to bed, and get up to do it all over again.

Often our life path spirals, bringing us back around to things that once brought us peace. I started to paint again after receiving a Reiki session back in 2011.  My youngest child was graduating from high school and would be heading off to college three hours away. I knew I needed help with this upcoming transition.

The practitioner told me I needed to get out of my own way and put some paint on a canvas–to just start. And I actually did!


Art Happens

At first I lacked confidence sitting in front of a canvas wondering how to begin. The desire to continue my journey, along with the insight and perseverance from life lessons, were the soil for my artistic awakening. I was back in touch with my creative self–beginning my never-ending journey of self-discovery and growth through the creative process.

Art fulfills my need for personal expression. I enjoy working with acrylics and mixed-media to create abstract and impressionistic paintings and scrapbooks. Color and texture fascinate me!

We can use our personal experiences and our soul’s search for meaning as the inspirational basis to create. Art that comes from the wounded, healing, and blossoming soul stirs emotions. These creations will impact and inspire others in their own journey. I am proof–it is never too late to start creating the life you want. Pick up a paint brush and just start!

Check out our post on Intuitive Art here.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein


Peace, Love & Creativity



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Create an Intention Board to Manifest Your Dreams

Create an Intention Board to Manifest Your Dreams


How to Create an Intention/Dream/Vision Board

Do you live a life of intention and purpose? Living intentionally offers you the opportunity to create your life based on your interests, ideals, passions and purpose.

Whether you call it an intention board, dream board or vision board this creation offers you a visual beacon of what is important to you and a guide to help you create your life. According to the Merriam – Webster Online Dictionary intention is “what one intends to do or bring about.” Makes sense, right?

I first learned about intention boards when I read the book The SecretI believe we need to continually evolve as human beings in order to stay healthy. Trying new things, setting goals and dreaming about future possibilities keeps life interesting and fun.

Think about one thing that you have wanted for a long time. Or maybe there’s an area of your life that needs some tweaking. Do you hate living in the city and long to move to the country? Is a career change needed before you lose it at work and punch someone? Do you hope for a healthy relationship but it never seems to transpire? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to travel to Paris since you were a teenager and it still hasn’t happened? An Intention Board may be just the thing you need to manifest your dream into reality!


You Will Need:

  • An Intention:  what new dream,purpose, direction or goal do you want to manifest?
  • A Large Poster Board or Canvas
  • Scissors, Glue, Paint, Markers, Pens
  • Pictures, Quotes, Small Memorabilia, Magazines, & Catalogues
  • Fun Edging, Gems, Beads, Feathers, Stickers, & Decor


Set the Creative Mood:

  • Put on your favorite uplifting music – whatever enlivens your soul! 
  • Light a diffuser using a blend of  Bergamot, Cinnamon, Geranium, & Ylang Ylang.
  • Reflect on what you want to manifest. Meditate on this intention.
  • Write words and ideas in your journal to refer back to while you create your board.



  • Look through the magazines and catalogus and pull out images, words and phrases that speak to you. Search the internet for quotes and pictures and print them off.
  • Cut these out with creative scissors and glue onto fun pieces of paper.
  • Lay the images, words, and quotes on your board in a way that pleases you before you begin to attach anything permanently. Trust me–you’ll be glad you did. Glue securely in place.
  • Decorate by adding fun edging, gems, decals, etc.
  • Meditate on your Intention Board


Process Your Intention:

  • What have I learned about myself while creating this Intention Board?
  • Are there any patterns evident?  What do these patterns indicate?
  • Does anything surprise me regarding what I have included/created?
  • What changes do I need to make in my life to be true to my intentions?
  • Who are my support people I can share this with?
  • What is one step I can take today toward making my intention materialize?


Post Your Board and Manifest Your Dream

Show off your gorgeous creation–display your Intention Board in a prominent place. Focus on it often, taking time to meditate on your work of art as often as you can.

We create our world by what we pay attention to. Focused thoughts sent out into the universe with love and positive energy will bring into your life the blessings you are seeking.

Please share any experience you have had with creating an intention board and manifesting your dreams in the comments below!

Peace & Love, Sandra

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