Cats: A Collection of Quotes

A Siamese cat with the quote in ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this


Cats, Cats, Everywhere Cats

This is the main line to the first song my daughter Kyleigh learned to play when taking piano lessons at the age of eight. It is a song I will never get out of my head. But that’s okay, as I love cats!

The following are purrfect cat quotes and images I created to share with the many cat lovers I know are out there.


A black and white picture of a cat on the back of a chair with the quote cats as you know, are quote impervious to threats.



A calico cat sitting in a sink



A grey long-hair kitten walking toward the camera


Key West is Ernest Hemingway’s former home, now the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. The island is home to a resident population of polydactyl (many-toed) cats and it is said many are descendants of Hemingway’s cats who resided with him over the years.


A large grey cat laying on the back of a sofa



A drawing of a grey cat on a blue background with red and pink hearts on the side


The great author Charles Dickens was a cat lover.  It is said he would sit and write for long periods, and when his cats wanted his attention they would put out the flame of the candle on his desk!


a persons had petting a tabby cat




A large grey cat stretching and yawning



Two orange and white and one calico kitten on a bright orange blanket


Leonardo da Vinci created many drawings portraying his delight in the carefully observed play and movement of his feline companions.


A siamese kitten with a periwinkle background


Mark Twain once said, “I simply can’t resist a cat, particularly a purring one. They are the cleanest, cunningest, and most intelligent things I know, outside of the girl you love, of course.”


Two white kittens peeking over the top of a wicker basket



A drawing of a black cat with the quote beware of people who dislike cats.



A black and white photo of the profile of a cat


an ad for cat toys


A black cat with the quote a black cat crossing your path means the cat is going somewhere.


Groucho Marx made a statement against the ridiculous stigma surrounding black cats.


Three tabby cats on top of a fence



An orange and white cat with the quote there are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music & Cats



A tuxedo cat sitting in a box with the quote time spent with a cat is never wasted


Mixed feelings abound over psychologist Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical theories. One cannot question the kindness in his heart made evident by his quote on cats.


An orange cat with the quote I've never met an animal I didn't like. I can't say the same about people.


95-year-old Doris Day has been a long-time advocate for animal welfare and the campaign to reduce animal neglect and abuse through spay and neuter programs.

Created by the Doris Day Animal League in 1995 as Spay Day USA, the last Tuesday of February is World Spay Day–it is recognized by nearly 70 countries.  Find out more at Life With Cats.


A picture of a dog and a cat rubbing noses



A calico cat with the quote time cannot erase the memory of a good cat


Losing your feline companion is incredibly difficult. But the love a cat offers us during our time together is priceless.

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Till next time, Sandra


A sterling silver charm necklace of a cat with angel wings

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