Creating a Zen Space for Your Pet

Two cats snuggling in a pale pink cat bed

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“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” – James Herriot

Peaceful Paws

Our environment has a huge influence on our overall health. When we’re surrounded by noise, harsh smells, too much activity or conflict it is difficult to maintain a calm inner state. A peaceful space at home is essential in order to escape the chaos we encounter out in the world and to re-establish inner balance. This is also true for our pets.

Animals are sensitive beings and they emotionally take on the energy around them. The environment our pets live in directly impacts their disposition and health. As pet lovers we need to provide a calm comfortable space for our fur babies.

 a white dog wrapped in a purple blanket

Tips to Create Your Zen Environment

~Keep the noise level under control. Focus on establishing and maintaining a sense of calm for your furry friend by eliminating loud noise. Our sense of hearing is in a range of 20 hertz up to 20 kilohertz.  Dogs hear up to 40 kilohertz and a cat has the ability to reach an even higher pitched range of up to 60 kilohertz.  Be mindful of the impact of voices, the television, and even home cleaning and renovating noise on your pet.

~If you have a cat make sure their litter box is large enough, change the litter frequently, and keep the box itself clean. Experts say you should have a litter box for each cat plus one. Avoid scented litter–cats have such a keen sense of smell they will often shun scented litters and perfumed environments. A cat’s sense of smell is 14 times more attuned than our own!

~The typical dog’s sense of smell is even better than a cat’s. It is important to be aware of the scents your pets are exposed to. Keep your pets in mind when burning incense, cooking, cleaning, etc.

~Aromatherapy can be pleasant for both you and your pet. A diffuser or mist spray bottle with lavender or chamomile added to the water will fill the air in your home with a calming scent. Keep in mind the information I provided regarding your pet’s sense of smell when using aromatherapy.

~Establish a spot for your pet to retreat to. This can simply be a pet bed in a remote area or behind a piece of furniture.  If you are blessed with multiple pets, make sure there are plenty of options to keep everyone happy.

~Provide plenty of fresh water for your pets in order to encourage hydration. Clean your pet’s dishes on a regular basis.

~Make time for plenty of interaction with your fur baby. Spending time cuddling and playing is incredibly important for both your pet and you.  You may be interested in reading my article Pet Ownership: Holistic Health Benefits.


Ella prefers a plain old box!

Creating a zen atmosphere is well worth the time, money and effort it takes. Having a peaceful, comfortable space to come home to can help improve and maintain your furry friend’s health and happiness as well as your own.


I would love to hear about how you create a Zen environment for your pets–please share your own tips in the comments below!

Till next time, Sandra

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