Dog Quotes: Reflections on Canine Companions



Pawsome Quotes About Dogs

No words can truly capture the unconditional love, pure soul, or absolute devotion of a dog. Dogs are easy to understand–they love and want to be loved. The connection we have with our dogs is so uncomplicated, making it refreshing compared to other relationships.

I have put together my favorite dog quotes with adorable, touching, and inspiring photos of human’s best friend.



I know, I know–this quote should be with a picture of a black and white beagle!



This one with my golden retriever/springer spaniel mix Falkor is framed and sitting in my office. Whenever I need a pick-me-up I know where to look.



This is Zola my rescue dog. She is a 7 year-old American pit bull terrier/yellow lab mix, and is a sweetheart who has the energy of a puppy!

My post From A Walk to A Run is about when I first adopted Zola.



This is Moose, my sister Debi’s dog. Moose is definitely a lover!



My Dad had a beagle named Honey who passed away two years ago. She really was a honey!




If only humans could do the same.



So real and uncomplicated.



As an animal advocate there is nothing that feeds my soul compared to helping animals and spending time with them.



There is no excuse for animal neglect or cruelty. The consequences for these terrible crimes continue to get tougher, as they should. Awareness and education are critical for prevention of animal abuse.



Funny and true!


a picture of an older black dog with a quote about dogs come into our lives to teach us about quote


The death of a pet is such a sad experience. This helps a little bit when we are grieving the loss of our furry companion.







The love and connection we experience with our dogs is so deep and effortless.






Please check out my blog post on Cat Quotes.






My hope is there will come a day when all animals are safe, respected, and loved.





Dogs have no prejudices, no expectations. They teach us mindfulness–to live in the moment. A stick laying in the yard or an afternoon at the beach can bring such joy to a dog. Hiking with my dogs brings me into a new awareness of everything in the environment..



As I already said, the relationship is so simple and meaningful.



I wrote Pet Ownership: Holistic Health Benefits you might find interesting.



I need a sign with this quote on it by my front door to warn visitors!



I’ve always felt animals communicate with us if we just take the time to pay attention. Recently I attended an animal communication workshop and learned we need to connect through our hearts rather than mentally. This made perfect sense.



I can’t think of anything better than being greeted at the door by my dogs at the end of the day!



Falkor has the biggest heart–if he had a choice he would just sit on my lap and be loved all day!



It’s true–I am always striving to improve our lives!

I hope you were able to find meaning in these quotes about dogs. Maybe one or two stirred a memory and possibly brought a smile to your face.

Please share your thoughts on the love you share with your dog in the comments below.

Till next time, Sandra

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