Dream Interpretation 101: Dream Recall


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Analyzing Your Dreams


I find dream analysis fascinating. We can learn a great deal about ourselves, receive guidance, and even heal by remembering and interpreting our dreams.

The dream state can offer us great insight into subliminal information. I believe the subconscious can offer meaning and guidance if we merely ask to be given clues while we sleep,and pay attention to the symbols presented in our dream. Answers will be provided if we allow our internal, suppressed knowing to come into awareness.

The most important tool for dream interpretation is a dream journal. Always keep a dream journal and pen next to your bed. Upon awakening, remain in bed with your eyes shut. Let your mind wander back over the dreams you had during the night. You will probably remember a tiny piece of it. Open your eyes and write it down.  Focus on that bit of information, allowing more details to come into your conscious mind. Write down bits of the dream as they appear. Keep adding information, including people, places, things, colors, and feelings.  


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What a certain item or event from the dream means to you can be discovered by allowing yourself to drift back to that moment in the dream. Focus on the feeling it created within you. Try to remember with your senses. What did you see, hear, smell, feel or taste in the dream? What objects or colors stand out?



Follow that feeling, stay focused on it, and see if you can connect any more memories or details to it. Does the dream occur in a familiar setting? Are there people you know present? It can come as flash of an image or a scene in your mind’s eye. Even if it doesn’t seem related, it may be in an abstract way. Think about the possibilities, all the different meanings that could be attached to an item or event. Only you can determine the true meaning.



Not all dreams are meant to provide deep insight. Dreams can also be quite literal. If you watched a scary movie or reasons to be fearful came up during your day, this can show up in a dream as ‘day residue’. So don’t freak out when you have horrendous nightmares after watching Nightmare on Elm Street. Try bringing movies, music, and books into your world with a little more depth and joy!



One example of archetypal meaning in dreams is that of running away or falling. Either of these may symbolize a need to get your life in order or make changes. Think about what may really be behind the feeling of fear that showed up in your dream.  What aspect of your life needs to change?

Sit with that feeling and allow it to evolve. Continue to journal about additional details or feelings that come to mind over time. On the surface it may seem to be minor or irrelevant, but don’t allow that thought to keep you from recording the information.

Creating art about your dream is another tool for recall and interpretation. Read our article on Intuitive Art

The time and effort you put into recalling and processing your dreams may eventually bring an epiphany, resulting in insight, direction and growth!


The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest

and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens

to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before

there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond

what a conscious ego could ever reach.”

~ Carl Jung


I think all of us can recall at least one interesting dream we’ve had. Perhaps you had a dream that offered you insight? Possibly one you are still trying to decipher? How about recurring dreams? Or maybe one that made you think I am never sharing that with anyone! But please do–share in the comments below!


Till next time–Sandra



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