Throwback to My Teens: Eddie Money

Eddie Money, the billboard advertised, was coming to the Central Wisconsin State Fair in Marshfield over Labor Day weekend. I immediately started singing Baby Hold On to Me, while exchanging a nostalgic look with my sister, Penny, who was riding in the car with me.  We knew this was one concert we couldn’t miss!

An image of big, brown, bedroom eyes and that gorgeous sexy mane of hair flashed through my head. Eddie Money–I remember, I was in 8th grade when his first album came out-making me 14 years old at the time.

Over Labor Day weekend, Penny and I drove over to Marshfield to our friend Kathy’s house, conveniently located one house down from the fair grounds. I appreciated not having to park with the crowd, as busy parking lots stress me out. 

It was the perfect evening for an outdoor concert, with a bit of a fall chill in the air. We each dished out $9 and entered the grounds. Maneuvering our way through the horse trailers parked at that end, we made our way toward the grandstand, careful not to step in anything. 

All of the food stands were conveniently located everywhere. The delicious smell of deep fired food and sugary goodies floated through the air. As a firm believer that you can’t attend an outdoor event without eating deep fried cheese curds, buying some was a top priority for me. them. Festivals and fairs seem to have the best there are to offer!

We settled onto the bleachers about an hour before the show.  Penny purchased a t-shirt, large being the smallest size available. As you can see, she has herself a new nightdress.

Two Tickets to Paradise, I Think I’m in Love, and Take Me Home Tonight–we were cruising down memory lane! Eddie put on a fabulous show, singing for an hour and a half straight. 

Eddie also entertained the crowd by playing the sax, tambourine, and harmonica.  He joked about his age and his relationship with his wife of 30+ years between songs. I was amazed by his stamina; of course 68 is the new 58, right?

What a kind man he is; Eddie informed us proceeds from the sales of one of the t-shirts, the one Penny had purchased, would be donated to a program that helps military veterans adopt rescue dogs.

Eddie admitted the ’80s were a blur for him, and the picture on the shirt “was me three rehabs ago.”

The show ended with Shakin’ and I Wanna Go Back. What a fun evening, hanging out with friends and reminiscing about our youth, all on a gorgeous summer night. 

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