Intuitive Art for Holistic Health

Self-Expression, Discovery, and Healing Through the Intuitive Art Process

Intuitive art is a style of painting where you have no specific outcome in mind for the finished piece. There are no rules or expectations. And, you do not need any previous art or intuitive training. The only requirement is letting go of your inhibitions to allow your creative subconscious to flow and express itself.


girl holding the moon in her hand

Intuitive Art is a technique used to connect with your higher self. It’s a great tool for self-awareness and discovery. You may simply want to create for self-expression.

Or maybe you are seeking an answer to a specific problem from your higher wisdom. The act of creating intuitively gets us out of our head and into the natural flow of the universe. It gets us out of our own way.

I have personally found my healing process supported through intuitive art. We often try to suppress our pain, sadness, fear and anger. Intuitive art allows us to let out these emotions in a safe, yet helpful, way.

Creating art has allowed me to let out pent-up emotions I had held inside for years. Twenty-five years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD due to a long-term abusive relationship. Painting has supported my process of acceptance and healing my heart and soul.  Art has also nurtured the growth that can only come from surviving the wounds of trauma.

It is important not to judge yourself when creating. Release whatever needs to come out. You can create artwork throughout your healing journey. This gives you a visual history of the progress you have made.



Intuitive Aart in blues, yellows and reds
Dream Weaver


Here’s more information– Intuitive Art for Soul Connection


Self-expression is liberating and healing. Your soul communicates to your conscious self through the intuitive art process. This is a blessing from the Universe available to you at any time with no limits. Create and connect often!

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“My soul is my guide.” ~Rumi


I hope this is helpful for your healing journey and personal growth!


I would love to hear your thoughts on intuitive art–please share in the comments below.


Till next time, Sandra

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