Intuitive Art for Soul Connection

Intuitive art in blues, greens and reds
Dream Weaver

What is Intuitive Art

Intuitive art is a process of painting with no specific outcome in mind. There is no need for previous art or intuitive training. The only requirement is letting go of your inhibitions to allow your creative, true self to flow and express itself.

Intuitive Art is a technique used to connect with your higher self. It can be utilized for self-awareness and discovery. You may want to simply express yourself. Or maybe you are seeking an answer to a specific problem from your higher wisdom. The act of creating intuitively gets us out of our head and into the natural flow of the universe. It gets us out of our own way.

This may sound a bit out there but stay with me here. Everything is energy. And if we pick up the paintbrush and allow ourselves to dip into the paint and go with the flow, our intuitive self is allowed free reign of expression. No guidelines, rules, or expectations. No prescribed outcome.


paint brushes with blues, purples and red paints

The Process

Begin the intuitive art process by setting the scene. Put on soulful music, burn cinnamon, orange, and vanilla, incense or aromatherapy, and shut out any possible distractions—especially the cell phone.

Most importantly attempt to turn off your rational mind.

Pick out five or six paint colors that call to you. Get your water—a glass to rinse your brushes and one to hydrate your body. Have your paintbrushes out, along with paper towels. Set your canvas up.

Pick up a brush and dip into any of the colors. Allow yourself to apply paint to canvas. Use one color, and then add another. Watch as the colors flow and blend, maybe even starting to form shapes. As the energy flows through you trust that whatever is meant to be will be—que sera sera…



In spontaneous painting the end result is not the focus. It is all about the intuitive process. Allowing your soul to emerge and express its ideas, concerns, secrets, and solutions.

Go with this for as long as you want, whatever feels right to you. Sometimes, you will feel like you never want to stop!

A variety of paint colors on a pallet

The Meaning

Once you feel your art is complete, take a step back. Meditate on your work. Our primal language is about color, symbols, shapes, and imagery. How does your creation make you feel?

This is the perfect time to start an art journal. Write about your emotions throughout this process. How did you feel going into this intuitive experience? What changed for you as you went deeper into the experience?

Write about the piece you have created. What do you see? What emotions come up for you as you meditate on your artwork? Write down words or phrases that pop into your head. Don’t try to make sense of any of it—just write.


an intuitive art painting of a woman holding the moon in her hand
Moonlight Mystic


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The interpretation of this experience and piece of art will evolve. This may be quick or it might take a while. There is no right or wrong, just allow the message to present itself.

Hang your art in an obvious place. Meditate on it whenever you are able. Go back over your journal and see if anything new comes to mind.

This is your soul communicating to your conscious self. Intuitive art is a blessing from the Universe available to you at any time with no limits. So enjoy, create and connect often!


“My soul is my guide.” ~Rumi

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Have you had the pleasure of taking part in intuitive art? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


Till next time, Sandra


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