Mandalas for Insight & Healing

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Discover Mandalas for Insight, Healing & Growth

Mandalas are born from a simple circular shape–yet they have the power to transform our lives. The mandala has the ability to instill a sense of universal harmony within us.

The word mandala translates as “sacred circle” from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. Mandalas also indicate a complete cycle in the Eastern tradition.

Creating a circle brings a sense of peace and order to something. They provide a sense of order to empty space and organize it into polar opposites: inside/outside, near/far, and so on. Our mind can better comprehend things when there is a simple pattern connected to them.

Mandalas are a useful tool for concentration while meditating. Relaxation happens when we are able to focus on a single subject–our breath deepens and our heart rate slows down. These two simple factors support the body’s natural ability to heal.

a purple and yellow mandala

Jung and Mandalas

The psychological significance of mandalas was introduced to Western society by Carl G. Jung. He believed we all innately desire to reach our true purpose and become whole. Jung proposed the Self to be the true center of the psyche at a subconscious level. Our need for wholeness and the drive that pushes us to fulfill our potential are both parts of the Self. This is the universal energy that is within us and connects us to all others.

Jung used the term “ego” to identify the most familiar part of personality–the “I” we refer to. There is a dynamic relationship throughout our lives between our ego and Self. While the Self is within us from our very beginning, the ego forms during childhood.

The pattern of Self, ego, and wholeness can been reproduced in the mandala. Creating a mandala offers a visual representation of our being.

a blue, purple, green and orange mandala

Mandalas for Expression

Our Self and ego communicate through the process of creating mandalas. Mandalas have the ability to take information from the ego and translate it into symbolic messages to the Self.  Conflict in our lives can threaten our ego, causing internal disharmony. Our Self is able to resolve this disruption when it is able to connect with the subconscious.

If we are in a state of imbalance due to the ego’s reaction to outer stimulus the subconscious has difficulty communicating to our Self. Creating a mandala allows the ego to relax, giving the Self the opportunity to receive the insight needed for growth and healing.



Mandala creation provides our psyche the support needed intuitive solutions to formulate. Our awareness and healing are nurtured by the mandalas we imagine, dream and create.


a purple and green mandala on an aqua blue background


How can you utilize the mandala in your life journey?

Peace and Love, Sandra

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