A Love Match Made in Ireland


Matchmaking Festival–Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, Ireland


“Love is waiting there for everyone, it’s there just waiting to be found.

When it is, it’s a lovely feeling.” Willie Daly, Matchmaker


For anyone seeking love, a fall matchmaking festival in Ireland might sound fascinating. It does to me anyway. But a six-week long one?

After a bit of contemplation, I considered the 20+ years I’ve been single and dating. I’ve tried my share of online sites, spending precious time on countless, less than memorable dates, and, needless to say, I’m still keeping my options open regarding men.

During a recent vacation in Ireland, my sister, who owns a home on the gorgeous Emerald Isle, sent me this photo advertising the event. A year ago, while we were traveling in Ireland, we laughed when a local described the event to us.

Now, however, I am intrigued. What still-single lass wouldn’t be? Plus, a psychic recently told me I would marry a sheep farmer, and what better place to find one than in Ireland!

The Matchmaking Festival website proclaims the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival is the biggest event of its kind in Europe. Attending offers one the opportunity to “celebrate life, love, good music and great times!”



Anyone between the ages of 18-80 is welcome to try their luck at the game of love. The event offers live music, speed-dating, and sessions with the local matchmaker, Willie Daly, whose office is conveniently located at the Matchmaker Bar.

Willie Daly, Ireland’s most famous matchmaker, took over the family business of matchmaking from his father, who had inherited the role from his father. They wanted to help shy farmers muster up the courage to encounter a suitable lady. Much of Ireland was quite rural back then, and farmers lacked the skills necessary to court a lady properly.

Willie boasts setting up as many as 3,000 marriages over the past 45 years. He aims to help singles of all ages and nationalities meet the ideal partner and fall in love. Those seeking love meet with Willie at his ‘office’ and he takes notes, makes up a profile on each individual, then does his best to create a match made in heaven-or at least in Ireland.

The ‘Lucky Book’ contains the profiles of hopeful singles from over the past 150 years of the family’s work in the field of matchmaking.  Willie claims “If you touch this ‘love ledger’ you’ll be married and in love inside of six months. If you are already married, you will recreate the honeymoon period you first had.”

I did meet an eligible leprechaun on my first trip to Dublin!

I wonder if anyone besides Willie Daly is there for the entire six weeks?  

The festival is prepared to host as many as 40,000 people over the six weekends. And, no pressure, but the website states – make sure YOU are one of them…

Feeling inspired, I have decided a trip to County Clare, Ireland, is on my agenda for the fall of 2018. This will make for a great blog, and there is always the chance of finding myself a sheep farmer. Perhaps Aengus, the love God of ancient Ireland will work his magic while I am there…

So would you go to this event or a similar one? Please share your thoughts on matchmaking in the comments below.


You can find more info on the Matchmaking Festival here!


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Till next time, Sandra


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  • August 27, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    I can’t wait to hear this year’s scoop. Lots of stories I’m sure!

    • August 27, 2017 at 5:08 pm

      Eliza- I suspect this will be interesting, so please stay tuned!


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