10 Self-Care Tips to Start Practicing Today

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10 Self-Care Tips to Begin Today


Accept What Is & Let Go

In his book The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success, Deepak Chopra discussed the power of acceptance and letting go. Wisdom comes from accepting that even though we may want things to be different they aren’t. Letting go of the desire to control the outcome offers us freedom and peace of mind. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way and allow the Universe to steer the ship.


Embrace Creativity

Creativity is abstract, divergent, and subjective. It is important because creativity takes us away from doing things the “right” way, toward embracing our own uniqueness. We utilize and trust our intuition in the process. Creativity allows us to feed our imagination and step into the unknown, relying fully on ourselves. It really is as liberating as it sounds!



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Read our article on creating an intention board here.


Own & Express Your Emotions

Being true to your emotions will ultimately make you feel better about yourself. Authenticity is the highest form of self-respect. When you speak your truth from your heart, you open yourself up to possible pain, true. But also to being connected and validated. Your soul is affirmed when you have the courage to allow others to see your true self.



Forgive–Yourself & Others

We may have perfectionist ideals for ourselves, passing harsh judgement if we feel we failed or simply didn’t do something “good enough.” I propose you be kind toward yourself, as if you are your own best friend. Because you need to be. What words would you use to comfort and support a friend who feels they have failed? Turn these upon yourself next time you catch yourself being critical of the most important person in your world–you.

This will impact all of your relationships in whatever context they are in. We are all human beings have a human experience. Practice kindness toward yourself and others. 


Practice Gratitude

Positive psychologists contend gratitude is more than feeling thankful for something. It is a deeper appreciation for the tangible or intangible things in our lives that allows us a connection with others and the Universe.


Everything is energy. Like attracts like. What we put out we receive back. Practice gratitude for even the little things in life and good things will come your way. 


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Joy–Laugh Often

The psychological and physical relaxation generated by laughter has been studied and proven in the world of research. Laughter takes your focus off negatives like anger, guilt and stress, leaving you in a positive state. Joy allows you a new perspective–to see difficult situations as a new challenge to be conquered rather than a threat to retreat from. This builds resilience and strength, and ultimately self-confidence. 


Mindfulness–Just Be

Be Here Now–this is actually the title of a book written by Ram Dass in 1971 on spirituality, yoga, and meditation. The world is a stressful place and can be overwhelming. The importance of, and need for,  living in the moment is becoming more evident every day. Backward thinking often leads to depression; future thinking can turn into anxiety. Keeping our focus in the present moment allows us to be present with each new experience from a place of peace. 

Read our articles on Mindfulness Techniques and on how to Use Your 5 Senses to Practice Mindfulness.



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Nourish Your Intellect

Build your sense of self by seeking a variety of learning experiences–check out the theater, arts, or travel. Attend classes, read, have deep conversation, and explore topics you know nothing about. Observe what is around you mindfully, using all your senses to really ground you in the here and now. Get involved–volunteer for a cause close to home or far away.


Receive From Others

This is often a tough one. Learning to receive goes against everything we learned in childhood. Isn’t it better to give than to receive? Isn’t taking a sign of greed and grandiosity? I am stamping my feet and shouting not true!

Learning to receive is important because it keeps the flow of Universal abundance in a constant state of movement. Do your part and accept what is offered to you–if you want it, of course!


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Treat Your Body Like the Temple It Is!

* Accept and respect your body exactly where it is. This can happen when we dispel the negative messages stored in our head and love it unconditionally as it is right at this moment. 

*Think about what you put into your body today. First and foremost, water is critical. Experts recommend 11.5 cups of water every day.  Also, eat fresh foods, avoid excess caffeine and sugar, and limit alcohol consumption. Kick the tobacco habit, please!

*Get your body moving by trying yoga, hiking, swimming or any activity that gets your heart pounding a bit. Even 8 minutes of exercise a day has a positive effect. 

*Respect your body by choosing your intimate partners wisely. Respect begets respect.

*Sleep is crucial. Journal before bed to get the random thoughts out of your head. Do yoga or mediate to quiet your mind and ground yourself. Practice good sleep hygiene–for example, go to bed at a descent time each night. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


I hope you find this helpful on your path to self-love!


Til next time, Sandra





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