Self-Love for Well-Being: Calgon, Take Me Away!

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Learn Self-Care to Improve Your Life


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,

deserve your love and affection.” -Buddha


Creating a healthy lifestyle starts with self-love, and self-care is the foundation for this. Unfortunately, taking care of ourselves is often a foreign concept to many of us.

Can you relate?


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What Happened?

There are reasons for this, of course.  We may have spent years as a caregiver, whether it is of children, pets, partners, or parents. Many of us lose ourselves throughout this process.  We can easily identify the needs and wants of those we care for.  But what about our own needs?

Maybe you were raised in an environment that wasn’t nurturing–taking care of yourself wasn’t even an option.  Quite possibly you were told be a good girl and take care of your sister, your father, your grandmother, etc. These messages can lead to self-neglect early in life. It isn’t intentional–it just becomes habit.

If you didn’t receive unconditional love as a child you may have grown up thinking you were not worthy. This  leads to low self-esteem and surrendering to self-neglect. This gets us into relationships where our needs are not met. We settle and stay, convincing ourselves this is enough. Or maybe to avoid loneliness, having to pay the bills on our own, or because  we have children with the partner who doesn’t give us what we need in the relationship.


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Giving and never receiving is all we know. We may feel empty inside. Ignoring your needs leads to exhaustion and anger. How many times have you put the needs of others ahead of your own?  No, that’s fine. You go ahead … I will stay with the kids… eat later… handle all the housework myself…bake for the board meeting when I can’t stand those bitches… 

There is also the belief in our society that it is selfish to take care of your own needs, to do something for yourself that goes beyond basic personal care and into the realm of pleasure. Guilt has the power to keep us stuck and unfulfilled–but only if we let it.

Whatever the reason for our lack of self-care, the good news is we have the power to change this


Don’t Let Your Early Experiences Define You Today

It’s overwhelming to think about making change. Awareness is where it all starts. It is never too late to change your life for the better.

Let’s start with simple ideas to begin your self-care journey. Listening to music that inspires and feeds your soul is an easy one. Music has the power to sooth, heal, and inspire. Another important factor is your environment important–is it decorated to your liking and in some kind of order? Are the people you call friends and family actually loving, fun, and supportive?


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Remember the last time you took a luxurious Calgon bubble bath, with a candle lit, filling the room with the scent of lavender, while your favorite jazz musician crooned in the background?  No?  I kind of guessed that would be your answer.

Deciding to take better care of yourself includes treating yourself with kindness and forethought. Acknowledge your needs and commit to fulfilling them. Consider the possibility of pursuing your dreams–only you can decide what this means. Now you can begin experiencing true joy and peace.


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Self-validation leads to embracing our personal power. Our vision of personal identity starts taking form. The realization hits–my life is mine to create as I choose!


Your New Self

This self-nurturing and affirming way of being radiates out from our core and has a positive impact on our relationships. Our self-confidence expands as our needs are met.

Naturally, we assess our lifestyle and how we spend our precious time and energy. Changes start being made regarding the people we allow into our sacred space.


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Your new philosophy of self leads to a courageous and profound process of transformation. The desire to purge everything undesirable and energy-exhausting from your life now unfolds. Clearing the clutter, healthier eating and spending more time alone in nature feel so right.

Surrounding yourself with uplifting people, music, effects, and pursuits is crucial for your progress. This self-care acknowledges your worth and guides you to creating a life of passion and purpose!


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How do you rate yourself regarding self-care and self-love? What have you done to nurture yourself this past year? What are you going to change in the future?

Till next time, Sandra


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